Proform International Pty Ltd



Start: 1985
Location: Sydney, Australia


Proform International has been recognised as a worldwide leader in the manufacturing of lightweight cement coated architectural profiles. Inspired by classical and modern architecture, Proform International's collection comprises of many different profiles to suit all types of residential and commercial applications.

Since 1985 the products technology has been used and recognised as an innovative building material, for the use in residential and commercial construction, renovation and re-decoration. The evolvement of the most unique designs and concepts combined with the experienced one stop service and reliability, Proform International is sure to turn great designs into a commercial reality.

Proform International architectural profiles are manufactured with time proven ingredients utilising the latest technology. Profiles are laser machine cut which ensures consistent repetitive alignment over the shortest and longest details. They are lightweight yet tough and easy to install, reducing the costs of labour and hiring equipment, thus increasing productivity and profits.

From the onset Proform International’s unwavering commitment – professionalism, integrity, best work practices and quality assurance has earned its expansion into global terrains, culminating to a worldwide leader in architectural profiles.

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