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  1. Substrate shall be of a type approved by Proform International.
  2. Substrate shall be dry and free of dust, dirt, loose cement, any other non-cementitious surface contamination and compatible with our adhesive.
  3. Substrate shall be free of planar irregularities greater than 6.4mm in 2.4m and shall be sound and free of foreign substances.
  4. Identify lowest RL (Reduced Level) based on the profile height. Mark your desired profile position using a string line or laser level and install props i.e. zinc plated nails.
  5. Should mechanical fixing/anchoring be specified refer to point 4 above and ChemSet Data Sheet (pages 127-129 in the catalogue).


DULUX AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render mixed 1.5 : 1 ratio with Portland cement.
NOTE: Refer to Typical Detailed Procedures.


Architectural Profiles are adhesively fixed to the substrate using the DULUX AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render / Portland Cement Mixture (1.5 parts to 1 part respectively). The substrate (fibre cement base sheet, render, concrete, etc.) must be clean and free of surface contaminants i.e. release agents and bond breakers.


Proform International recommends the use of tested and approved glues, sealants and epoxy resins at all times for best results with Proform International EPS Profiles.

Recommended tools:
• compound drop saw (masonry blade) • sponge • pencil
• galvanised threaded rod (for larger profiles) • spirit level
• laser level • tape measure• hammer • utility knife
• sanding block • zinc plated nails • sharp handsaw
• combination square • scrapers / trowl • 75mm board knife
• angle grinder


Recommended adhesive:
DULUX AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render

Recommended sealants:
Sikaflex - PRO 1FC
Recommended cement:
Clean/fine Portland cement grey