Proform International Pty Ltd

Product Facts

Proform International architectural profiles are manufactured with time proven ingredients, which are innovative and environment-friendly.

Utilising the latest technology the products are crafted on tight tolerance EPS foam cores laser cut to ensure perfect, repetitive alignment, over long installation detail. The products great strength and superior quality is produced by our exclusive coating system, which consist of a reinforced mesh and acrylic polymer cement surface skin, which also gives the masonry appearance.

Proform International manufacturing process incorporates the use of exsulite, to produce tough durable products that are unaffected by ultra violet radiation, rain, harsh environment. THE PROFILES WILL NOT ROT, SURFACE CRAZE, WARP OR LIFT ONCE INSTALLED.

The profiles being strong and lightweight are easy to handle fast to install, with total versatility to reduce costs.

The product is made seamless and smooth, which can meet various decoration needs.

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