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Safety Data Sheet - Sand: CDS# 31356
ICI Australia Operations Pty Ltd: 02/92

This Material Safety Data Sheet has been prepared by SHE Pacific Pty Ltd on behalf of Orica Ltd and its subsidiary companies.
Contact Point: SHE Pacific Pty Ltd, MSDS Services.

Within Australia:    Telephone    1 800 624 132
                            Facsimile     (03) 9665 7929

Outside Australia:  Telephone    +61 3 9665 7500
                            Facsimile     +61 3 9665 7929

Issue Date: 13/Nov/97WTF         Supersedes Issues Date: N/A
Reasons for Issue: To rationalise MSDS for Acratex water based products.
Safety Data Sheets are updated frequently. Please ensure that you have a current copy.

This MSDS summarises at the date of issue our best knowledge of the health and safety hazards information of the product, and in particular how to safety handle and use the product in the workplace. Since Orica Limited and its subsidiaries cannot anticipate or control the conditions under which the product may be used, each user must, prior to usage, review this MSDS in the context of how the user intends to handle and use the product in the workplace.

If clarification or further information is needed ensure to ensure that an appropriate assessment can be made, the user should contact this company.

Our responsibility for product as sold is subject to our standard terms and conditions, a copy of which is sent to our customers and is also available upon request.