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Typical Detailed Procedures

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1. Butt
Recommended for horizontal running length.
At a maximum run of every 6 metres the profile is to have a 5mm straight cut gap filled and surface leveled (clean) with the sealant, leaving a fine visible pencil line joint and expansion joint maximum.


Butt Joining

2. Mitre
Recommended cut for window architrave as per detail and any directional horizontal 0-90o corners.


Mitre Joining

3. Expansion
When the profile intersects an expansion joint in the substrate, the same size expansion gap must be carried through to the profile. Please note either side of profile to be coated with the DULUX AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render / Portland Cement Mixture.

NOTE: DO NOT run the decorative profile over any expansion joint.


Expansion Joining

Profiles installed on or within wet areas require waterproofing and/or metal flashing as per International Building Code or equivalent to engineering specifications.


Parapet Procedure

Upon installation of mid banding it is recommended top edge of the profile must be sealed between the profile and the substrate with a polyurethane sealant or equivalent. Our recommended sealant is Sikaflex - PRO 1FC.

  Mid Banding Procedures

Step 1. Preparation
(a) Cut straight length to desired profile sill measurement using a drop saw with a masonry blade allowing for a 45o external cut on either end of profile sill.
(b) Cut the sill return pieces at a 45o internal cut for either end of the profile sill.
  Sill Assembly Preparation

Step 2. Assembly
Apply the DULUX AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render/ Portland Cement Mixture to the internal and external cuts of the sill, using zinc plated nails/props insert internal piece to the profile sill and align all corners.
Allow 4 to 6 hours to set.
  Sill Assembly

Step 3. Finishing Touches
Re-apply 2nd coat of DULUX AcraTex 500/6 Exsulite Render/ Portland Cement Mixture to profile sill joints. Clean up around profile sill for final touches leaving the profile sill ready for Installation. Refer to the General Installation Procedures - 5. Screeding.

Sill Assembly - Finishing Touches